I have lost inspiration in playing my guitar. A few days ago i had a strong and positive feeling tht iam going to play a guitar, then one day when i woke up the positivness had left me!! This has happened before but for a short period.But this time i feel as though it will never come back. I sed this before on another thread but what i want to know is how to get the inspiration back??
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Try to learn some new songs, or a new technique like sweep picking or multi-finger tapping. It's happened to me too and things like that give me new inspiration.
thts one of the problems, i just cba to learn. I havent got the motivation to learn or practice them!!
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Have u ALWAYS had a passion?.. or did u just say oo im gonna play guitar? because maybe u just dont want to..
I have been playing for 2 and a half years. I have always had a great feeling of playing, it just that all of a sudden i have lost somthing inside when i try to play.
When I feel like you I go on youtube search up vids of guitarists that I idolize and amaze me, then I can't stop myself from picking up the guitar. Works for me.
do u play to songs?

somtimes i find that getting a really good cd on the hi fi and playing along get me motivated, especially when i realise that if i can play the same thing as a really good and well known guitarist, then why cant i be a really good and well known guitarist.

or maybe just take up bass!!!!