Hey guys we got our recording gear and we did a test the other day. We were happy with our playing but when we played it back it sounded terrible.

How high and where should we position our mics?

And where should we position ourselves? Drums and vocals in middle and bass and guitars on either side?

Please Help guys.

i think to get an accurate guitar sound you put your microphone about an inch from the speaker in line with the centre of one of the cones...but you need to make sure your tone is adjusted as hearing it from that position sounds totally different from where youre probably standing.
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by positioning do you mean the stereo paning? if thats the case then usually you have guitars left and right, lead vocals and bass in the middle, then drums balanced so that theyre in the middle but have stereo left and right....thats what i think anyway
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Sounds like someone just has a microphone/s in the middle of a room and everyone's playing together into it/them.
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^yeah - Ts we need WAYYY more info on your equipment, setup, and situation than you have given to be able to help you effectively.
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