Well there's this one song I'm practicing, and it's got a 16-14-12-16-14-12 pull-off. Whenever I attempt to perform a pull-off, the sound just disappears, it's like I automatically mute the 1st string right after I pull off the 16th fret. Any suggestions?

BTW I don't think this'll help much, but on my friend's Micro Cube, I have my COSM to Rectifier, Max Gain and Max Delay.
Your delay should be off for that.

Actually, if you're practicing, put it on a clean channel with no effects
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idk if you're doing this but some people try to pull off by pulling their fingers straight up. when you pull off try pulling your fingers downward a little on the string. Its like plucking the string lightly with your fret fingers. ITs hard to explain but if it makes any sense give it a shot.
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people in UG forums have some of the poorest grammer I have ever seen!

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Anyways, back to topic. So is it like tapping but you're actually letting go of the string on a certain fret? Or is it like lightly pushing the string down and back (towards the bridge) to make a small "plucking" sound?
Sort of pull down towards the ground off the string. But only make it a small movement.

so try something like

----5p3p0--- pick the fifth fret with your ring finger then pull youir ring finger off down in a sharp motion sort of thing then the same on the third fret :p
Play 16th fret,
Pull finger across fretboard (obviously not to the other strings)
Repeat with 2nd finger on 14th fret,
Wack the 3rd finger back on the 16th.

Hope that helps, and across the fretboard is, as you're playing, it's vertically downwards.


EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz-XSCrpOdY

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