As I'm sure many of you will know, Capdown are splitting up.

They're playing their last gig at The Pitz in Milton Keynes.

Anyone going?

I sure am.
Funnily enough, they were scheduled to do a masterclass and intimate gig at my college (Northampton College) the other day, but it is apparently postponed till a later date.

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omfg capdown are splitting up i would love to go see them but theres no chance i'd be able to
wtf! nooo! they baisicly only just started up! why!!!??!?!!?!??!!?
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! We are now formally announcing that the band will not be continuing to work together as Capdown after the October 2007 tour. After completing our last, and best, album in 2007, we have all decided that we want to explore other experiences in life, outside the band unit. If you click our official site link, you'll find an archive some of the stuff the band achieved over the years, from way back in 1997, up to 2007. We've tried to put up some stuff that you may not have heard or seen before, as a big thankyou to those who followed the band over the years. Hope you enjoy it .....Jake, Keith, Tim, Robin, Eddie... !

Took that from Capdown's blog on their Myspace page.