okay, im working on lyrics for a concept album for my band, my inspirations are Pink Floyd's The Wall and My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade. i have the story in my head, how do i put it into lyrics?
Well, first you have to make sure all of your songs will follow the idea. If you have the story in your head already, write it down and maybe divide it into sections. If you've heard Scenes From A Memory(Dream Theater concept album) you'll have a good grasp of linking songs together, as well as music. If you haven't heard it, give it a try =)

As far as creating actual lyrics go, however, I'm pretty bad at that and probably shouldn't offer any advice.
write out the whole story, its no good in your head. then divide it into sections, so tat each song will have its own point within the concept
write it out like a story. then break it into chapters, then write a song per chapter.

that would be the obvious way of doing things. you can go nuts with the structure if you want though. thats the brilliance of a concept. its conceptual. as long as theres that unifying theme, it doesnt matter what you do.
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