Hey guys. I've never posted here, but I figured I'd give it a shot since there seems to be alot of talented people that frequent this place.

Here's the deal:
I've played bass for a couple of years on my black Peavy 4 string. It gave me an idea of what guitar playing is like and I was able to get some decent finger mechanics down. I played that bass exclusively and only dabbled in 6 string guitars. So with that in mind, I'd like some advice on the transition from bass to playing rhythmn guitar.

My father (bad ass guitarist) bought me a wine red Epiphone SG (which is amazing btw) I just got it yesterday. And I seem to know enought to look like a novice, but I'm playing better than I thought I'd be.
My main issue is the strings are smaller than I'm used to, and I have very little experience playing chords. I would just like to what finger arrangement some of you use and some of your exercises that would give me precision and speed.

To be honest I'm punk rocker at heart. I just am unsure if I can get the speed down.
Any help would be awesome!
Power Chords use: first, ring & little fingers
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i played bass and then went to guitar the thing i had the most difficulty gettig was chords but every thing else just came easy
If you find the strings to small you could move up to a higher string gauge. It will also give you a fuller sound. You're guitar might need a set-up though, but perhaps your guitar-playing dad could help if you don't know how.
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Finger the chord, with your left (or if you're left handed, your right) hand as comfortable as possible.

Play 4 quarter notes. If your fingers are struggling strum a little slower until you have the chord perfect for four, then speed up or whatever, up and down, etc.

Then incoporate more chords, strumming a bar for each chord.

It's how I do it, but I'm not into the whole chords malarkey.

Good luck.

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