why do so many people hate them? i know they are like really commercialized now, but if you look aside that and look how the black parade was written and everything, its a really clever album. same with the first two, people say they have changed, but they really haven't!
I know what u mean. Most of the time when a band comes out with a new album, people think they've really changed and don't sound as good. But with the Black Parade, I think they've really improved!
Their music is generic, has no diversity, and by putting guitar solos and stuff in, they are trying to be something that they are not, since they're not really a technically proficient band. They should do something better, or give up. If it's about the music anyway. But no bands care about the music nowadays. All they care about is commercial success and the easiest way to get it. If My Chemical Romance had taken more time about it, they would be a better band. That's the sad truth. They also sing about things which aren't important. Their songs seems to be depressing and often self-pitying. It's OK to write about negative things, but to be honest I'd be much more likely to listen to them if they wrote songs about meaningful things in live rather than trivial stuff.

And The Black Parade is supposed to be a concept album right? But every song is simple in structure, so the story doesn't really flow as one thing... it just seems to be one song followed my another very similar song. And I don't think that is effective with concept albums.

And if anyone tells me, 'Well who are you to judge?' Well... I used to be a fan of this band, before I delved beyond commerically successful band and discovered what brilliant music there is out there. Listen to some prog rock/metal :P Or even Death metal And maybe you'll never like MCR again. It is, of course a matter of opinion what music you like, but I don't personally understand what the big deal is with MCR.

Oh, and by the way people, my name might include a7f (Avenged Sevenfold), but I don't listen to them anymore either, even though they are the only good and talented 'metalcore-ish' band to walk the earth.
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ive heard all 3 cds.. and quite frankly i think that they suck.. they are more talented then i am but thats not saying a whole lot
I wana ask the same question. But they seem have become more like marmite. You either love em or hate em. I love em, seen them 8 times! and seeing them again at the london o2.
People hate them, but they sold their show in almost no time at all! Their songs are catchy, well put together, and have everything in there. it doesnt sound like they are sellin anyone short in any of their music. But I guess for some people "metal" is the only way forward. and for some other people its a trend because they have a different image for thier albums which seem to clash with different bands which sing about self harm. to be honest, its better to sing about it than actually do it. most of the people who slag em off are metal heads, if u listen to alot of metal, alot of it sounds depressing.

But remember its "cool" to hate a sucessful band. but also remember who srolling in cash and enjoying their sucessful career more ok? They've worked for their sucess and have come from a **** backround, and if you've met them u'll understand that they feel like its a dream that they have done this well.

If people dont like your music taste, dont worry about it. But kick them in the bollocks if all they listen too is R'n'B or metal or dance music or just one certain style. To be fair its all about how the music makes someone feel.
First off how are you going to know whether or not MCR are in this business for commercial success or because they truly care about the music. People today seem to think that every band now-a-days is simply there for the money, which I think is complete bs. While there are exceptions to that, there always has and always will be, repeat there always HAS been. Yes many bands back in the day played only for the money as well, it wasn't like some golden age where everyone played for the music. I have no problem with MCR, I think they have some talent, and have managed to create two solid albums and one fantastic album. My only beef with the band is with there live show, I think it's a bit lacking. By the way there are plenty of better metalcore bands out there then Avenged Sevenfold...eww.
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Because they really don't have a lot of talent and many people consider them to be a "shallow" band because of their lyrics and musical style which is currently in the mainstream.
TO METAL FANS: I can see why most people who are into hardcore-metal music wouldn't like MCR. I just don't like music where you can't understand what they're saying. I can deal with some screamo bands like Hawthorne Heights but constantly, I need to be able to relate to the lyrics.
i can relate to My Chem's lyrics..

the black parade has a sound no else has created.

seen them 12 times now, and every single time they haven't let me down.

dont get me wrong i like alot of metal, but most of the time i have to ask who it is because most bands sound simular..if you hear an MCR song you know exactly who they are by the first line.

they write about things that dont matter? Suicide, Teenage Violence, The Columbine Massacre, 9/11 and cancer...they do matter!
Sigh, I could say so much to defend MCR right now, but what's the point? It's the internet and arguing on it doesn't accomplish anything. One thing I will say is they are a very technically proficient band, Ray Toro is a great guitarist. And yeah, I like a7x and other real metalcore or metal bands too so don't try to pin me down and call me an emo or w/e.

P.S. They're great live too .
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And if anyone tells me, 'Well who are you to judge?' Well... I used to be a fan of this band, before I delved beyond commerically successful band and discovered what brilliant music there is out there. Listen to some prog rock/metal :P Or even Death metal

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