Hey all.
I am running into a problem with a custom set up.I am starting with the typical HH 3 way switch set up, which I have done quite a few of, so no problem there.What I am trying to do is add in a seperate single coil pick up in the middle but I want it to be seperate from the others, bypassing the volume and tone with its own on/off switch.
To acomplish this, I thought should be straight forward, I ran the hot wire right to the jack with the on/off switch and the negative wire right to the jack.Now when the on/off switch is in the off position everything is fine and just the selected humbucker works but when I put the switch on all the pickups are on no matter what position the main 3way switch is in and it sounds like the whole thing is out of phase and the volume knob affects all of them including the seperate s/c. I have also tried running the negative wire to the same ground spot as all the others on the back of the volume but this did not have the desired effect either.
If any one has tried this type of set up before or knows what I have done wrong please let me know.
if it doesn't work out I wil keep it the way it is because it is actually a pretty cool tone for some songs.
Thanks in advance.
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Just a long shot from somebody who is already overwhelmed by the circuitry of a bed lamp; instead of leading the new pick up through an on/off switch, maybe you should lead both the new and the old circuitry to an or/or switch that cuts off the old circuitry when you switch in the new.
The problem with that is that what I want to have happen is with the switch off I can set it like a regular hh guitar with 1 vol + 1 tone then flick the switch on and use whatever selected humbucker along with the s/coil but at the same time I want to be able to roll off the volume on the humbucker and still have the s/coil at full volume.This was the whole point behind running it straight to the jack.
If all else fails I can give your idea a try. Atleast it will allow me to seperate it from the hh's
Thanks for your input Marcel.
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Please let an electronic buff correct me here for I have Short Circuit written right across my face, but what if you retain the on/of switch but lead the old circuitry through a diode to the output jack. Wouldn't that stop the signal from the new pick up bleeding into the old system?
You got me there. Once it goes past the basic HH or SSS wiring set up it is beyond my limited reach.The only out of the ordinary wiring I have done was putting a push pull tone pot on one of my customs and I think I got it wired right by accident more than skill.
Hopefully we have a few master elctronics people in the forum that can help me out.
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