ok, so iv just got my fallen angel 40dsp! (excellent amp by the way)
but i just find i cant squeeze enough gain out of it at lower volumes, and was wondering what pedal i should get to help me achieve this, budget about £30 (told you a tight budget!) ~$60
i was thinking a ts7 modded to ts808 specs?
or modding a ts5....
also a boss ds-1, digitech bad monkey but cant think of anymore, except to do the modding i would have to wait till christmas to get my soldering kit

easy, geta bheriger pedal for about 15-20 dollars til u have enough money for a better pedal
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u can try Bad Monkey... I think it's similar to Ts8.
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go for the bad monkey, its perfect on that budget
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ibanez ts-7 is less than a bad monkey i think and can be modded to ts-9 specs. otherwise bad monkey
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Bad Monkey for sure. Adds mids, the tone controls are very useful, it has a decent amount of gain and boost and is great for tightening tone and adding gain. I have one and it's probably the best value guitar pedal out there right now.
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