Stagg, yet again i am amazed at the quality and price of my latest buy from them.
Anyone else own any stagg gear?
what do you think of it?
I like their picks. But I wouldn't buy a guitar/bass made by them...
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i played a stagg guitar once....

the lack of quality was horrifying, sounded horrible, the neck felt just plain nasty. i woudlnt touch anything made by them, but its all down to personal preference i guess.
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Yup, i have a mate who has one, and says it's better than a epiphone.

What a cocksucker...
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well staggs are maily begginer guitars, that explains most of it xD
My friend's bass is a stagg and it's decent, probably her playign (bloody amazing bassist BTW) but yeah it's made of alder so I assume staggs would be decent project guitars.
I know that there not in the same league as other brands, but i have been playing guitar for 15 years, and i can tell you that for £200 its a bloody damn site better than most cheap guitars, notably yammaha and encore.

I think a lot of guitarists are snobby in that, if it dosen't cost £600 and its not made by a mainstream brand its got to be ****.
^ for £200 you can do better than stagg. a higher end squier for example, would be superior to a stagg. low end epiphone are better, cort guitars, ibanez s320 isn't much of a stretch

plenty more. in my experience stagg are just plain bad
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The local music store (Dr. Music) sells mainly Stagg and Sammick (I believe they are owned by Sammick?).

I've played a bunch of them. They are okay for a beginner, but nothing else. Sammicks are actually pretty good though. One of the Sammicks had a Floyd on it. It surprised me and played quite well. I thought about buying it but somebody else got to it before I could and they haven't gotten any new ones since.
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My first guitar was a cheap crappy stagg acoustic, served me okay but i didnt know anything better
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