hey guys i'm having a few tone problems.

i have an epiphone les paul junior. (maybe thats my problem there)
i'm really a bass player that dabbles in guitar so i dont spend a buttload on guitar equipment. anyway. i have a zoom G1 Guitar prossessor. i like that i can get a varity of tones but they are hard to make and put them where i want them. i'm looking for a kind of dry tone similar to jade pugets in Girls not Grey by afi. does anyone have experience with this petal? any help is appreciated thanks.

ohh btw i play through my peavey combo 15' bass amp.
I play bass!
you're playing a guitar with pretty bad pickups, thru a really bad multi effects player into a bass amp.

just make the best of it and save up a little cash. buy a better practice amp and ditch the multi effect.

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your guitar has no good pickups. plus, what strings, and maybe your amp has something to do with it. i'm no big peavey user, so i couldnt help you there. but try getting some EMG's, or Seymour Duncan Pickups. Maybe some Ernie ball slinkies for strings. but whatever suits your music style.
i played tht guitar in a shop, didn't buy it, tone wasn't great but it wasn't terrible for the price.