People who know about interent connections and modems and also xbox live

I have multiple (for lack of official word) phone/internet sockets in my house. I use the land line phone and my BT wireless interent modem via a double adapter type thing, thus only using one socket for the both.

Though for some reason, say I only plug the phone into one socket, and plug the interent modem into one of the other sockets in the house, the interent wont connect to DSL.

I'm getting an xbox 360 soon, and I wont be able to get the console close enough to the wireless modem (where the phone also is) to get a good connection, and I dont want a big ethernet cable running through my house. So what can I do?

Any ideas why I can only use one network socket at once?

Sorry, if that was a lot to handle/is impossible to understand
For the 360 issue. Use an official Wireless Adapter or buy a pair of Homeplugs.

You can use wireless from upstairs easily with no problem.
we ran the ethernet along the a/c ducts all the way upstairs. its alot more stable than wireless. and it is pretty easy to do. if you can maneuver it. as for wireless, any wireless router will do fine. just connect it to the modem and get the xbox 360 adapter
any ethernet bridge should work for the 360.

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For the internet problem I think you must plug the modem in the primary/first (not sure about word to use) socket. I think it's the one that is connected to the land line and then all your other sockets are coming from that one. Thats what we had to do with our dsl-modem. I hope this makes sence...
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you can guy wireless range boosters as well to help out if distance is really the problem. I would be amazed though if your wireless router didn't work 50 ft+. For steaming fast paced games like Halo and Gears of war, Cable modem is going to be your best bet.
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make sure you've got microfilters on all the phone cockets.
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Ok, weird. I have four of these sockets in my house. I used a micro splitter for the adsl modem, and it only works in two of the four sockets (one of them being in conjuction with the phone).

Any ideas? The one that works is too far from my computer.