Hey, Amazing. Your voice is excellent. And although you don't try and hit those highs Thom does, it still works brilliantly. I was REALLY impressed by the vocals. The guitar work is good too, but you probably need a better recording setup. If you had everything balanced right, it would be perfect in my opinion. I am in shock to be honest. I really wasn't expecting vocals that good on a cover of this. You really captured Thom's energy.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10389359#post10389359 crit mine?
thanks a lot about the voice and the guitar. It's always good to hear comment like that. but i really need a better recording setup yeah...I'll take a look at yours now
thanks again!
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BUT remember!! make your own style...

It is a cover mate....:P
you can definitely sing this song very well. the guitar playing is solid as well. better quality is really the only thing that would make this better. hmm. i would've preferred the vocals a lot louder though. i also really like the "new riff" on your page that started playing. overall great voice. its always fun to listen to someone who can really sing.

crit me?
thanks to you aswell.. I'm working hard to keep my voice as good as possible, I'll take a look at yours now
Your cover came at just the right time. I've been addicted to The Bends lately! haha this cover blew me away man. Your guitar playing and singing is stripped down, raw, and perfect. Unfortunately, you've inspired me to ignore my paper I need to write in exchange for some guitar playing, haha. Keep it coming man! Do you have any ideas for another cover, or some more original stuff?
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The vocals were EXACTLY like Thom's.

Please start a band, write songs, and get famous.
damn man..thank a lot I am trying to write songs...but I think it isn't my strongest point:P
but thanks for the comment again
thank hippyskier
I have already made a few new riffs for an original song(check my profile for the new riff) I am now trying to make a song out of that one...But I will sing some more radiohead covers aswell