I've got one there awesome go for it =]
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I've only ever played them in stores but as soon as I pick up a new amp, I'm getting one. Actually the same one that sepultura alma has...
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Yeah, they're pretty damn good, you pretty much cant go wrong with them
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I'm going with the Black. What finish do you think is better looking the matte or shiny?
the ec1000s are amazing guitars, though i have the amber sunburst with sd's (don't care for the sound of emgs too much). the models with emgs still sound great, though.
I'm planning to get one as soon as I find one in Vintage Black from a US retailer who will ship to the UK
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Never played one, but it looks awesome!
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i played one last night, absolutley awesum...but sitting down its a lil hard to reach the 24th fret
but i dont give a **** about that its a ****ing amazing guitar.
your so lucky i cant afford mine until christmas time