1. How quickly did you improve? Were you slow/ fast?

I've been learning for 10 months and the toughest song I know is Enter Sandman or maybe (probably not) Buck Rogers

2. I want to try something by nickelback, is there anything near my skill level or slightly harder?

3. I have a Line 6 Spider II, I'm not in a band yet and only use it at home, it seems fine for me. Is it worth upgrading? If so what should U get and how much will it cost for it to be worth my while upgrading?

Thanks for your time
1. VERY slowly. 3 years on and i'm still woeful lol

2. no idea

3. no point upgrading if it sounds fine to you, but try some other amps in shops and see if your opinion still holds true
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fast but i play everyday and go out of my way to learn things as well as get lessons
nickelback isnt hard at all
if its just home practice then stick with it i suppose or get a laney tube amp
1. Slowly for the first couple of years, when you reach a certain point you find it easier to play guitar for long periods of time, and will find yourself improving greatly

2. not so great on nickelback tunes so no idea, check out the tabs, and if you feel you can handle them then do it

3. Whatever sounds best to you you should use, as a beginner, and only using for home practice i wouldnt bother upgading
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buck rogers !!! yea man

i love feeder

seen them at least one night in EVERY london show since 2002!


i sucked untill about a year ago

and ive played for 3 years

now im pretty awsome

i play for about 6 hours minimum a day though.
1. Slowly, I didn't bother paying attention to lessons on theory and scales so I'm starting over from scratch.

I claim to the world, that as of this point forward, I no longer know how to play guitar.

2. If you're a beginner, eh.. Lemme think.. Maybe, Rockstar? or Someday? It's nothing more than chord progression. Or chad kroegers' Hero maybe.
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I sucked for the first year, but you DO get experience from it. So don't say you never learn anything from being a beginner.
1. Slowly at first, but I motivated myself and I got alot better suprisingly quickly.

2. Nickleback songs are usually just chord progressions, you should be able to handle it.

3. Your spider is fine for home practice usage, just don't go listening to all the people bashing it, pretty much any amp is fine for practice.
as said before, try other amps out and you make the choice whether it's right or not