I have been interested in getting a stratocaster for about a year now as I have gotten into a bunch of strat players like John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and some Jimi Hendrix. I was just browsing through my store and I came upon the Eric Johnson strat. I could not believe how unbelievable I can play on it! I mean I could play well on my Sheraton but the strat brought my playing to a new level somehow. I could play licks faster, my fingers move better, and I have a better tone and I was playing on a Fender Blues Deluxe!

I was not too thrilled about the price tag. It was nearly $2,000. It seems like every sig model is just a regular guitar with maybe a pickup change and a name slapped on the headstock. What was the Eric Johnson Sig modeled after? I LOVE the neck and the ease of play. I mean there is no way that the Eric Johnson sig has a completely different neck and completely different hardware, etc.
I have a MIA SSS Strat and let me tell you, it is awesome. Same goes for my hot rod deluxe.

Awesome set up, everything I want.
i have a friend who has an eric j. strat, he loves it. i'm planning on getting the SRV strat (due to the compound radius neck it has).

as for your playing getting better, it might have to do with the frets? if the EJ frets are larger than the frets on your current guitar it would explain why you can play faster, and bend easier ect.
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The '57 Reissue is probably the most similar model that Fender makes. The EJ is pretty special, though: the neck, the pickups, the finish, the wood, the hardware.
i think it has a U shaped neck (i found really uncomfortable playing the EJ sig), sunburst (of course), and really chimey low output pickups. corduroyEW can supply u with chimey low output handwound single coils pickups. the wood... was it basswood??? might be alder, but its EJ. who knows which wood prefers??? it might be an exotic madagascarian and canadian hybrid alder with a mongolian maple top???
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