Hey just wanted to let you guys know about a new travel guitar I saw. They are full size acoustics (and electrics) that fold at the heel, and fit in a backpack! I saw it demonstrated and it looks very user-friendly, and the best part was that it came back in tune when it was unfolded. Looks like a great option for you traveling musicians, and it isn't a tiny little cigar box lookin' thing like most travel guitars.

lool .. it looks kinda stupid to me ;D
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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Interesting idea, but they're probably expensive and sound like guitars that cost 1/3 as much.
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Interesting idea, but they're probably expensive and sound like guitars that cost 1/3 as much.

I think they were gonna run about $1500 initially, for the American version but they said they were gonna have a model around $750 I think. The one I played sounded good, as good as any other guitar in that price range, the hinge thing didn't affect the sound.
The Voyage-Air doesn't work. Consider this: You have a neck--you have strings--strings assert pull on the neck--the 12th fret is the center of that pull--you have a cut at that point, at the center of that pull--the neck warps.

This is what I have see with ten Voyage air guitars. The basis of dealing with that pull is based on a contiguous neck. All ten guitars had warped necks and a traveling heel, in other words, you can move the heel around with little pressure when the guitar is "locked" into position and the word "lock" is used loosely here because the idea is faulty. This is a buyer beware situation.

Consider this: Everything under the sun has been done and if it hasn't been done it is for a reason. I'm not saying that there are not some good ideas floating around out there but this is surely not one of them.

The Brunner Outdoor guitar has a detachable contiguous neck. That one works and has been around since 1995. Brunner is made in Switzerland; Voyage air in China. The Brunner is around the same price.

No, voyage air doesn't work, they may work the bugs out but cast your memory over the fact that no cut-neck guitar has ever existed and for good reason: a cut in the neck is dooms the guitar to having stress related problems. I think their only hope is to make a contiguous neck detachable, like the Brunner.

This is a ham handed approach, an auto mechanic approach, a jerry rig, inelegant and just plain silly. The cut into the fretboard is ugly and no doubt, it will wear an indentation at the cut. The warp is the main concern, secondly the traveling heel, bad warranty, indentation to happen at the fretboard cut.
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