Alright so my band is becoming alot more serious and our equipment just isn't cutting it anymore. So I'm in the market for a new guitar. We play softer rock, almost ambient. But all are songs have very powerful/loud parts. We take alot of influence from Death Cab For Cutie(myspace.com/deathcabforcutie ), Homer Hiccolm And The Rocketboys(myspace.com/rocketboys ), Circa Survive(myspace.com/circasurvive ), stuff like that.

So, if you listened to any of those bands you'll know what I'm going for. Here are the two I'm looking into:


Double Cutaway

I will be running whatever I get through multiple effects and a out of a Fender Hot
Rod Deluxe.

Please tell me if you've had any experience with any of the two guitars and tell me if they will be good for my style.If you know of any other guitars that might be good for this style, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.