i've been trying to write songs for some time no, but the sound i get out of my guitar just doesn't blow me away... don't get me wrong, the guitar is fine. but whenever i write something it sounds like things that have been here before for a 1000 times, and not really extraordinary!
most of the time i'm using open chords, and lately i also started to mess around with power chords, but i'm still not happy with the result... can you help me?
try using 'more colorful' chords and chords with different tensions in them
ie 7th chords, 9ths or suspensions etc.
ya if u use open chords...i really like c7..am am7...i really dig g and a barre chords also..in 7th form too
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Just somthing I found, I don't know what to call it. try it out!

a maj 9th fyi
It is quite easy to make variations on the easy chords... just play(this is some variations on the am chord, but you can do this little pattern with almost everychord that is played in that area):
e 3 1 1 3
B 1 1 0 0
G 2 2 2 2
D 2 2 2 2
A 0 0 0 0
E 0 0 0 0
When you play this way, it doesn't get bored so quick...