Hey i got a Ibanez 2550E standard everything im planning on modding it up a bit with some sexy pickups any1 got any suggestions, other guitarist in my band has a dimebucker but tht came with his guitar, i need something tht does Heavy ****, Chimaira, LoG, Bodom, Slayer and the rest u know the usual metal.. thanks

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I think you need a new amp before new pickups. That Ibanez has some nice pickups in it.
firstly. totally agree, buy a new amp! sell the spider on ebay and get a decent amp!

secondly. for the music ure playing, probly active EMG's - 81 85
EMGs would be perfect for Bodom and Slayer, but besides that DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge, something in the middle and PAF Pro in the neck.

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New pickups won't make much of a difference on the Spider, besides the stocks are plenty good enough.
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