My 6 string just arrived and i was wondering what songs could i learn or suggest bands that use 5/6 string basses?

I have already gone for the obvious: Primus and Korn. Can you suggest any others?


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I love The Pit.
Dream Theater
Symphony X (I think)

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i like to play a lot of les claypool

but i have found that with a six string its so much more fun to make up your own things just because everything that has been made for six string is either really hard or just not entertaining
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If you're into Primus and Korn, check out Infectious Grooves. Trujillo uses a 5-stringer.

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Metallica, they use a 5 strings

On which songs?
Dream Theater songs such as
As i Am
Endless Sacrifice
The Glass Prison -love this song - 13:47 min of good music

or some symphony x even thought its reall a 5 string.
In The Dragons Den
Out of the Ashes
Sea of Lies-cool bass parts in this song
Church of the Machine
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On which songs?

I believe most Metallica songs can be played on a 4-string, but on some songs (like One) Jason used a 5-string, but it was only really apparent in maybe one or two parts of the song. Nothing really noticeable unless you are looking for it, and all the tabs ignore the 5th string.
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Only Ash Remains, Fermented Offal Discharge, Stabwouond, Intestinal Incubation - Necrophagist. Stefan Fimmers is the man when it comes to modern metal bassists.
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