ok well ive been down here before...anyway i was planning on getting a fender japan jag RI and switch out the pups for something warmer and beefier. but the price is starting to seem a little steep. then i saw 2 MIJ 72 tele customs, one '96 (50th anniversary?) and '98. then switch out the bridge pup maybe...then i saw an Edwards LP-98LTS which is basically a Les Paul, beautiful tobacco sunburst flame top already equipped with a '59/JB combo.

Jag (from Japan w/o shipping and customs) - $650-700 or something like that
'98 tele (includes shipping) - $630
'96 tele apparently 50th anniversary edition (plus shipping) - $570
Edwards LP (plus shipping) - $840

pups that i wanted generally range between $50-75 each.

i also had another question..is the '96 tele legit? he didnt provide a serial and said he would be still hasn't. it comes with a the 6 saddle rather 3 like new ones. i wasnt sure if thats what made it "special".. anyway help would be greatly appreciated as would opinions and suggestions!!

i play through a Valveking 112 and play mostly alternative and indie with (most of the time) good amount of gain/drive.

Lengthy i know Thanks for your time.

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