Little Danny had so many plans and dreams
When he was young
He never thought he'd be
The man he's become
But now he's here
With all his missed oppurtunities
All his failed attempts and his broken dreams

He feels like he's wasted his life away
He knows it's too late
The past can't be changed
Sometimes your best laid plans
Can cave in on you

Life goes on
You gotta be strong
You gotta make the best
Out of what you got
There's no point in laying around
You gotta give life your best shot

CRit 4 crit
With an irresistible blend of reggae induced hip-hop and catchy pop-punk hooks, Half Chance Heroes captivates audiences with their unique sound and energetic stage show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8bSU0u8uvM
very.... inspiring, think thats the word, basicly telling people if you want to do something do it, dont pass up any oportunitys you may have.... thats what i got from it anyway, good piece
Yeah, ****in, cheers for the crit on mine, urs just makes me wanna go do something worthwhile. Um...technically nice with decent rhymes and reads well with a punk rhythm in the head, reminds me of...Offspring- Kids aren't all right. Good song x 2
Its a good little number this one, i am kinda guessing by your screen name and stuff that this is quite is meant to be a punk track but it could also be some many other things if you can find something cool that goes with it.

Overall well done on this peice
nice track... im a punk guitarist myself
yea i kno it says blink freak but i do alot of other stuff 2... i would love to hear it once it is all put together PM me ur bands site or something
The problem with rock music is there are to many people that play the guitar... and not enough guitarist. Guitar Hero Doesnt help...