does anyone have an easy way of remembering the notes for each string and respective fret. my guitar tutor has decided its time for me to start learning to read music and is teaching me some basic classical. my problem is not with reading the music but remembering where all the individual notes are. without making an idiots guide poster for my wall with all the notes can anyone offer an easier solution ?
Well, you probaby hear this all the time, but practice practice practice... or you could say the note out loud as you hit it. That works for people I've talked to.
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yeah its a pain in the ass but once you learn this many things will become easier, but basically like pick random notes or play a song but as your playing say the note your playing out loud
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just keep playing songs and after a while it will come to you naturally jsut dont think of it.
It's not going to be easy, but...

Standard tuning is EADGBE.
12 Frets = one octave.
Learn intervals.
Learn chord shapes. Identify each note being played in a chord. Identify the root.
Learn scales. Learn the patterns first, then Identify the notes. Move the pattern up the neck.

It's going to take a lot of repetition. Good luck.
The intervals are:

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - A
- w - h - w- w - h- w- w

W=Whole Step, or two frets.
H=Half Step, or one fret.

That formula will help you find the notes on the fretboard so you can piece them together. The steps refer to the distance of the notes from one another on the fretboard. So if you start on your low E string for instance, open would be E, then if you go up one half-step to the first fret, you're now on F. One whole step up from that (2 frets), you're now on the 3rd fret, which would be G, and so forth. If it makes it easier to remember (and I find it does), just remember that the only half-steps are between B-C, and E-F.
i'd say start off with the first 5 positions first, seeing as thats the most important for basic songs, and seeing as you could find notes higher up on strings by knowing the notes on the other strings (you know how the 5th fret on E is the open A string. if you then know the first 5 positions on the A string, you know the first 10 frets on the E, etc.). Also, take a theory class or read into some on the internet to really get an understanding of the fret board.

another interesting book that has alot of good information is fretboard logic. its worth checking out if you havent already.
Another thing that helps a great deal is fretboard warrior. Great program if you want to know the basics and just keep on practicing.