I normally don't care for BC Rich guitars, but I've always liked the classic exotic series.

Unfortunately, like most BCR gutars, it's Nato.

WHY?! Everything else is good, but then, BAM! Nato.
That's purty.
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nato is fine.
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Everyone who's bitching about agathis and nato being bad tonewoods is really just a complete and utter conservative traditionalist in whose opinion guitars should only be made out of maple and/or mahogany, or ash. And maybe alder. Blah, nonsense. Nato is fine.
Nato is just a type of mahogany, theres no problem with it.
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Nato is just a type of mahogany, theres no problem with it.

Without going into the discussion of whether it's a good tonewood or not, it is not a type of mahogany. In fact, it used to be a cheap mahogany substitute.
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Nato has more sustain but less attack than other mahoganys. it's stilla great tonewood imo, i prefer it over mahogany. i'm also in the game for that exact guitar, i just pray the spalted maple top ends up looking as good as that one

also worth noting it's a bit heavier than mahogany. you'd be best trying out one of the other bc rich guitars made from nato. i tried the NJ and loved it
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