Well I had enough with the acoustic guitar played it for 4 months and now i really wanna buy an electric guitar.
around 700-1000$ recommened me on a good guitar , which can last long time for normal guitar players (not begginers) ...
My Music type is : Led Zeppelin , Guns and Roes , RHCP , Muse , Foo Fighters and some lil punk bands...

I hope you can match me a nice guitar, also explain me a lil bit how to pick a guitar that fits me and stuff ty.
Do you need an amp as well?

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Looks like a Les Paul would suit your purposes (as far as I know, any kind of Les Paul that isn't junky). But if you need an amp, get the amp first. After all, the amp is more of your tone than the guitar, quite a bit more.
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get a fat strat. You'll have a humbucker in the bridge for the heavier stuff and still a couple single coils like a standard strat for the slap/pop/clean stuff.
Well, why not go to a few music stores?

The best thing to do is to browse around guitarcenter.com and to look at some guitars.

As soon as you find one that looks nice and has a few good features, look it up on harmony central.

If it has good reviews, write it down on a list.

Then go to a few guitar shops and try to find the guitars on your list, of course trying different guitars is fine and I encourage trying a diverse range of guitars, but having a list gives you a few items to look for.

Try as much as you can and, if your not certain after trying as much as possible which one you like best, write down their names again and check all the reviews you can find, keeping in mind that most online reviews are best used to learn if a guitar has any problems or common issues, given that reviews tend to be biased.

This info, in conbination with your own opinion and experience with the instruments should guide you towards your ideal guitar.

Once you've read a bunch of reviews, haven't learned about any major issues with the chosen guitar and have played it in a shop for a while, get it.

In the end tone, playabillity and looks are all personal, so you'll have to judge for yourself. Some may not like a certain guitar, while you love every bit of it, so make sure to make up your own mind, instead of letting others do it for you.

Asking for advice is always a good idea, but the further into the selection proces you are, the better and more detailed the advice can get.

The internet in general, guitar shops and this forum are very valuable resources when it comes to choosing a guitar, but be sure to watch out when facts turn into biased opinions.

Anyway, good luck.
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thanks alot guys... fast comments
well yes i need an amp also... so what should i pick ? how much does it cost ?
well, basicaly what you do is you go to the nearest guitar store and pick up whatever catches your fancy. Play with it for a bit and continue doing this until you find the one you like the most.
Fender Fat strat + Crate palomino would be my choice.

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I remember my first erection. I went to my dad and was like "Do I have Aids???". I seriously thought there was something wrong with me.