I am currently building a guitar from scratch (except the neck because that is way over my head) and i have reached a point where i am really unsure of myself. I have only one pickup i'm putting on it (A Seymour Duncan single coil custom) and i don't know how i should rout the recession for it. How far away from the strings should the pickup be? Can i make it adjustable? Where on the body do i place it for a warm tone? Is it supposed to be parrallel to the bridge or slighty angled? Any advice would be appreciated.
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You'll get a warmer tone if you place it further away from the bridge (neck position). It'll be brighter if you put it near the bridge since it'll pick up more of the higher overtones.

Most people put their pickups parallel to their bridge, but you can put it angled too for a little difference in tone between upper and lower strings. As long as the pole pieces don't misalign much, it'll be fine.