Okay I pritty much hate floyde and most double locking trems; I like fixed bridges (especially tune o matic bridges) cos i mostly play in ye old hendrix tuneing Eb.

I know strats can relatively easily be put down half a step because they use a different kind of tremelo... anyway

I'm thinking of gettin an ibanez with a fat10 bridge mayb for backup but mostly for occasional dive bombs and whammy vibrato in studio. (im not gonna use it live cos it'll go outta tune too fast)

What I mainly wanna know is, can a fat10 equipped guitar be tuned down half a step easier than a floyde rose?

i have an ibanez with a FAT 10 bridge on it and it doesnt tune down 1/2 step as easy but it has a really clean sound when u do tune 1/2 step down also the less tention on the strings makes it stay in tune longer than in standard tuning