I have a Line 6 Podxt, it's pretty good, not amazing, but it does the job well. I don't have any experience with anything else, so look into the podxt.
i have a GNX1... took me about 2-3 years to get a pretty good non-digital sounding marshally crunch out of it. of course after that it decided to die. i also had the zoom 505, really not too good at all.

some of the new zooms i heard are pretty good, such as the G2. if you're looking into entry level effects i'd recommend something like that, maybe if you can find a used Korg AX1500, that would suit you well.
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You would not get any good MFX with $120. If you really don't have enough money, I'd say save up for a korg ax1500g.

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The Digitech RP150 would work for that budget and has latest technology in it for that price. MIght depend on what kind of an amp you have, though, you need a very clean sounding amp for an MFX.
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I have $120 and i want to get a good multiple effects pedal. any suggestions?

XT Live is great but out of your price range.
I can suggest a toneport MKII because i use one and am very happy with it.

magicstomp.com for more info
look on ebay for one...they are not sold in stores anymore and you can get one for around $100 on ebay.