So ^ that site is offline and not working but I found a way top bring it back from the dead. SO now I wanna mod my MUff.

So I wanna do the noise gate mod first.

So do I just ditch R13 and put in a 100K trim pot? I would put two lugs of the trim pot in one side and one in the other right?
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Looks like you don't just ditch R13, you put the trimpot in parallel with the existing resistor. For how to hook it up, just attach the middle lug to one side and the outer lug to the other. You can leave the last lug out.
Still no, I think. That's basically the same as the last pic, only connected differently. Electronically the same, though. If you put the switch in series with the trimpot, then it'd be good.
This is exactly how I wired it.

(Sorry that grey box is a SPDT)

So I wired it up and I barley tell if there is a difference if any.

Any help, suggestions, comments?
damn big muffs are complicated. i'm good with just a fuzz faceish pedal
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^ Bah, Muffs are simple sauce. Two identical buffer stages, two identical gain stages, one-knob tone stack.

Kurt- Not sure what went wrong. Have you tried adjusting the trimpot all the way from one end to the other?

Oh... bugger. I read the site wrong, and I though it was talking about Q3's emitter resistor. The trimmer should go from...

Crap. Looking at it again, the resistor before Q3 from signal to ground is R14, not R13. So... I dunno now.
That's what I'm not sure about. The description of the resistor on the site implies that it's R14, but then they say R13. Maybe you should try going to R14 just in case?
Ya I am going to try R14 tonight cause R13 is doing nothing.

That version of the site is old maybe I will look up the newest version and see if it is the same.
Ahhhh man I was really hoping for the best. I was so pumped, I thought that R13 thing was just an error on the site.

I did the mod and when I switch to the mod I get a super weak signal. I need to turn the BM volume to full to play, the other two controls also seem to not work likethey do usually when the mod is on.

I will check my wiring but I am sure I wired right. R14 is the resistor limiting the current getting to Q3's base. This is correct right?