Allright, this is funny, I promise!

You are going to choose three things you'd wish you had. Skills, rig and guitar.

Example1: I wish I had Clapton's skills, Petrucci's rig and one of Kerry King's guitars.

Example2: I wish I had Hendrix's skills, Vai's rig and one of Michael Angelo's guitars.

Now, fellows UGers, make the ultimate combination of gear and skills! Here's mine:

I wish I had Christopher Amott's skills, Michael Amott's rig and one of Jeff Hanneman's guitars.
I wish i had Thomas Erak's skills, Omar Rodieguez Lopez's rig, and one of J Mascis's guitars.
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I wish I had Hendrix's skills, Hendrix's rig and one of Hendrix's guitars.

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i have, (jk wish i had)

dimebags killer riffage skills, I'm good with my gear thanks and one of Randy rhoads' guitars
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I wish I had Avril Lavigne's skills, Tom Delonge's rig and one of Deryck Whibley'guitars

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I wish I had Matt Heafy's skills, Adam D's rig & one of Adam D's guitars.
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Dave Mustaine's skills, Corey Beaulieu's Rig, one of Adam Dutkiewicz's guitars.

edit: ^Damn you for beating me to Adam D haha
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I wish I had Marty Friedman's skills, Kirk Hammett's rig, and one of Randy Rhoad's guitars.
Deron Miller's skills, Slash's rig, Zacky V's guitar (mirror finish one. That or the Gibson version of mine)
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Django Reinhardts skills, Synyster Gates rig and Alexi Laihos guitar.

Why is this so funny?
I wish i had Joe Perry or Mick Mars' skills, John Frusciante's rig, and one or Claudio Sanchez's awesome guitars. Or Daron Malakian's skills, Dan Donnegan's rig, and one of Dan Jacobs' ESPs.
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I wish I had Avril Lavigne's skills, Tom Delonge's rig and one of Deryck Whibley'guitars

Don't we all
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i wish i had jason becker's skill, jason becker's rig and one of chuck shuldiner's guitars.
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I wish I had Dan Jacobs skillz,Tim McTaugue's(sp?) rig, and Dan Jacobs' guitar.
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I wish I had Paul Waggoners skill (Between the Buried and Me)
Michael Akerfeldts rig (Opeth)
Michael Amotts guitar (Arch Enemy)
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I wish I had my own skills (Oh wait I do ) Metallica's Rig. And one of Satch's Guitars.
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i wish i had 1.Karl sanders riffage and solo skills. 2. Adam Jones rig 3. One of chick schuldiners guitars
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I wish that i had Neil Flynn's skills, Neil Flynn's rig, and Neil Flynn's Guitar

Oh wait, i do!!
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I wish I had Mikael Akerfeldt's skills, Mikael Akerfeldt's rig and one of Mikael Akerfeldt's guitars.
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Jimmy Pages skill, Slash's Rig, and one of Pages guitars.
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pablo gilberto's skills, omar rodriguez's rig, and some custom ibanez
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