Ok so I came here to the U.S about 8 years ago from Brazil knowing a word of English. Back in Brazil I never really had good grades , really cause I didn't try and I had problems concentrating. So when I got here I was supposed to be going to 3rd grade but they put me in 2nd because I did not know English and in an ESOL(class for foreigners). Within 3 months I was placed in a higher ESOL class and 3 months after that In a regular, English speaking class. Now I had begun to try harder and it began to show. I began to Get A's and B's. In 6th and 7th grade I had a few advanced classes and by the time that I had reached 8th grade, I had all advanced classes getting All A's and B's on my report card. I dont like to study but Í care about my grades. Im not one of those people who say "whatever" to school. Im now taking Algebra 2 Honors. I basically taught myself Algebra 1 and Geometry was a total breeze for me but now MAth is really hard. No matter how much I study Im struggling to keep up a good grade in that class( and it doesnt help that I have major test anxiety)

To my parents a C on a report card is a bad grade. Ive gotten a C once which was because a teacher totally ****ed me over and my parents knew the teacher was a bitch and they were fine with it. I now have an exact 80 as my grade in Algebra but with the test I took today and the midterm I think it will go down to a C.

Even though I care about good grades and I want to have a good career I dont think that a C on oe or two report cards will destroy my future. I have A's in everything else and I know Ill be able to get in to a good college but for everything wrong that I do my parents take away my guitar. They don t go for a computer or the t.v. How can I convince them to let me get a C, just on this class. Im not slacking off. Im really trying my best and I study and go in early in the morning but Ï just cant do it. Any way that I can convince my parents to let me get a C in algebra?
If they know your situation then there's no reason for them to take it out on you for getting 'bad' grades. Tell them to talk to your teacher about it.
Kill them.

Or just tell them what you said here.
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you should be fine with those grades in your math class. I'd kill to have those grades right now in mine, but i don't really know what mine is exactly right now so maybe we're in the same vein.

Just tell your parents the same thing you told us, and show them the work you have to do and tell them while your doing it when you get to a rough patch in the homework what you don't get and that's contributing to the grade not being so good.
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Ok so I came here to the U.S about 8 years ago from Brazil knowing a word of English.

you sir, judging by that essay there, speak better english than half the people on this forum
Have them try to do some problems and show them it isn't easy, assuming they aren't good at math. You could get A's in all your other classes because that'll average out the C to be above a B average.