Alright Pit, I currently drive a 2007 Mustang GT automatic, but I want a a stick. Transmission swaps are expensive and risky on new cars, so I'm planning on getting a beater car.

Here are the requisites:
Easy to find and cheap parts

Right now I'm thinking a Nissan 240sx or Mazda Rx-7.
Any suggestions Pit?
I'd say go for the Rx7.

Much more sleek and stylish than the Nissan, and probably more powerful.
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Wow i seriously hate you right now for driving a 07 Mustang. Getting a Mustang is one of my dreams.

+1 on the Mazda Rx-7. Thats a nice looking car.

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Get the Mazda Rx7, it has a wankle engine!! haha hilarious.

but on a serious note i prefer the Mazda
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rx-7 is alright but personally i like the crazy 80's styling of the 240sx and you can get cool stuff for them. they are only 2 seater though
240sx for sure.

As much as I love RX7s, 240s are easier to find. Especially to get parts for.
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