okay, so in my spin magazine The Boys' album "The Boys" is listed as "an essential album" of '77.

the description of it is very intriguing, but alas, i cannot seem to find their music.

anyone wanna help me out?
There's Boys music on iTunes. I'm pretty sure their CDs are sold at Angyyoungandpoor.com and such. eBay is always an option? I don't download so aside from getting the CD from a friend, that's how I usually do it.

Luckily my best friend is a HUGE Boys fan.

BTW, the Hollywood Brats versions of "Tumble with me" and "Sick on you" are much better.
I would seek my soul for those.
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I don't like straight edge because it's part of Hardcore, and I don't like Hardcore because, aside from the terrible music, the kids are often very homophobic.

You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful.
The boys are awesome, you should check out their christmas songs under the name the yobs
That website is awesome Nemo.

I found the original "I need your love" by the Boyfriends (the ramones covered it, in case you didn't know, and Johnny* thought that it was a terrible cover of a great original)

* Rob Corich thinks that it was Joey but his information is unreliable, and consists "Timebomb" to be "album filler".

And "Bored Teenagers" - I only had the live on old grey version.
This band are great. Along with the Radiators from Space they are unfairly underrated considering how awesome they are.