Ok I really liked this band I listened to a couple weeks ago but I can't remember the fricking name. They are recent (probably around 2000+). They have been on MTV I think but they aren't really famous. There are only like three members in the band. One dude plays a string bass. Like one of those old school stand up thingys. One of their famous songs is something like "Im not afraid of Jazz" (thats not right) but something with Jazz in the title. It was in some kids sig and thats how I found out about them. Please help me figure out who these guys are.
think tiger army has an upright bass like that
but i'm not that familiar with any of their song names
The Peacocks have an upright bass, and I think The Horrorpops do too, either of those (if it's not mentioned above).
No its not them. They are awesome tho. The guys I'm thinking of play like a weird style. The song I remember is kinda slow paced where they'll play like a little riff then the guy will sing then they do it again and later the guy plays a solo (lol not much of a help). And the music video starts with the picture of like a radio switching channels and that noise of it switching channels is going on (I think). Sorry if I'm not helping and sorry if I'm spamming but I really wanna find out who this band is.

edit: I think they are british but I'm not 100% sure. The have a male singer and guitarist.