Last friday night when i was coming home, my dad had the radio playing on the local classic rock station and a song came on that was really good, and i really liked it but i can't think of what it was or any of the lyrics but, it had a passage to the chorus(i think) where the guitars kinda had the same riff that the chorus of Ziggy Stardust has and the end of Stairway To Heaven.

I don't have any of the lyrics, i know i should have tried to remember them but trough habit i was mainly listening to the guitars so i wasn't really paying attention.

Any suggestions would be vastly appreciated, cause i know how vague my question is haha
can you remember ANYTHING about the song, vocally? like how the singer sounded?
Keep the change, pimps don't jangle
Well i was asked my dad if it was pink floyd, that's what came to mind first. And i did some searching and asked some friends what some songs the radio station would play but none of them were it.

But from what i can remember he sorta sounded like the singer of boston(i dunno for sure though), And like i said, like pink floyds