Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong spot I am new to the whole forum thing and still learning. I was wondering there are 3 songs that I think are pretty fairly easy but I can't figure out the tabs because I think in all three song there is more than one guitar and it is something I haven't quite figured out (singling guitars out to tab the song). They are all country songs and any help will greatly be apprieciated because I can't find the tabs any where except one site that I found has the tabs for 20 dollars a piece which is BS.

The songs are:

Craig Morgan - My Kind of Woman

Dierks Bentley - Band of Brothers

Jamey Johnson - Texas Cowboy or They Call Me CountrY (Not sure of the exact song name). (Its a slow song). - (My friend found it on the internet). Part of the lyrics is "I am a Texas cowboy - I wear a faded hat - I am an Alabama plow boy - Got a leather tanned back. I don't think it ever made a single.

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated. Zach
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