Hi UG!

Here's Fade to Black covered by Elise and me.
We used recorded with Mixcraft 3 and then recorded video clips to it with my camera .

We really hope you like it, we worked pretty hard on it!!
Recording was really though because everything that could go wrong went wrong , dead batteries and stuff everywhere!
Also please tell us if you think what you think about our singing, is it ruining the song or improving it?

Thanks for watching!
Very nice, I like it.
One thing, vocals sound pretty good, they just don't suit the song. No offense.
You pretty much DESTROY me at guitar though. How long have you been playing?
Thanks a lot!
Well yeah, we only sing as raw like James in our dreams.
Hah, We've both been playing for 2 years now.
Thanks a lot!
I'm very sorry but those MySpace song players never work for me, they keep loading forever without ever actually loading
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Thanks a lot!
Well yeah, we only sing as raw like James in our dreams.
Hah, We've both been playing for 2 years now.

so true, so true
two years too, huh? i need to catch up, lol
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so true, so true
two years too, huh? i need to catch up, lol

Not too bad.

You'll never stop being in love with Metallica, will you?
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Thanks a lot
And yeah, my love for Metallica seems to be never ending
Very impressive, I enjoyed watching it.

Cizzie, you've really improved your bends which is great to see (hear, actually), it's not perfect yet, but its all about improvement.
The vibrato wasn't too bad either. I do have a lil tip for you regarding the vibrato, but its too long for here....

What I was a bit disappointed from is your timing during the solos. Which was surprising since it wasn't a live recording and you had the ability to do a few takes.

Great to see how you handled the fast licks in the final solo. Of course it wasn't note for note, but hey, you could have cheated with a wah-wah pedal (like you know who), but you didn't

The singing was a nice refreshment. A few notes off key here and there, but its not really about that...its much more fun with vocals, it would be pretty boring listening to rhythm guitar only during the verses.

Overall, you're both excellent for 2 years. Keep it up girls!
Thank you very much Rakun!

Yeah well about the timing... I noticed it sounded a bit off sometimes but I thought it wasn't that bad and didn't feel like recording it again.. yes I am lazy.

Well thanks again for your tips and advice
The guitaring in the inro was really good.
The singing was okay, but to be honest I think a higher voice doesn't have the same effect.
The ryhtm guitar was spot on most of the time.
The tone when distorted was well good.
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Overall was allright, the only thing that i didn't like was the lead tone. Too harsh for that song, but that's just your equipment right now. And i think you should use the neck pickup on the first solo to get a more warmth/smooth tone.
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Yeah, I am going to get a line 6 pod xt for christmas so I expect a better tone in my recordings then
Would a pod xt be a good choice? Does anyone own one or something..?
i wont lie cizzie, i had you down as a pretty average guitarist, a ever-learning guitairst, but average at the moment nonetheless. but watching that video really improved my opinion of you, it really is a tricky solo, and you nailed it totally. as far as the pod suggestions go, i have a pod2, and shall always recommend the line6 pods, they offer so much for a great price, even if the xt is out of your price range, pick up a pod2, its excellent for the price, offering so many options of cabs/effects etc...will really make that solo shine! great work!
Oh wow, thank you very much (also for the information about the pod!)
Just as a matter of interest, Cizzie, do you listen to the band 'Discharge'? Just wondering since your message under your name says "Free Speech for the dumb" and that's one of their songs...
Well, I only know that song actually.. I got into it by Metallica's cover and thought the original was very nice too. Now that you bring them up I can't recall why I didn't look into some more of their music?!.. I'll check out more of them right now since "Free speech for the dumb" is very awesome!
As always, great metallica cover..

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good job on the first solo, i still cant get the fast part but i usally dont practice it much, im more of a rhythm player.but yea good job,and did you record the vocals seperatly b/c its kinda hard to see your mouth.
Thanks a lot!
And yes, I do have a teacher, he doesn't teach me songs though but teaches me about scales and how to improvise etc.
And yes, we recorded the vocals seperatley.
holy ****, rocking. i wanna start a mosh in the living room, but my cats are too easy to beat up. on the verse, i would have liked to here more of a slide after the e minor. and this wouldnt be the same without vocals either.
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I thought it was good, but the beginning was a bit shaky. are you the one on the right or left? Because the one on the left was the shaky one in the intro.

EDIT: Oh sorry, I meant the one on the right with the teal guitar. After watching some of your other videos, you are the one on the left right? You did an awesome job! And your Ace of Spades was great.
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Thanks a lot!!
And ehm... I am the one on the right, with the blue/greenish strat and playing the lead parts.
We're about to get a band together and will perform this song at my exam concert at my school in a couple of months so I'll upload a live video of it then I hope it will work out
nice i just watched it sounded a little wierd with 2 people singing but still it was good.
Simply amazing. Didn't expect two girls - you two totally freakin' own.
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That was pretty amazing. Funnily I checked out the tab for this song yesterday, and I have to say the acoustic bit is harder than it looks to get a good and consistent quality from and the solo is great and the riffs are spot on timing wise. Singing lets it down a bit still good work. Awesome !!!