Thinking about making a 2x12 ( for my vj + a 18 watter i plan on making) i was wondering if anyone here has used or heard of "warehouse guitar" speakers, they are pretty cheap (45 bucks) for a speaker that is comparable to a celestion vintage 30. heres the link:
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Never heard of them, but you get what you pay for. Buy the best speakers you can stretch your budget for. Don't settle for cheap stuff unless you absolutely must!
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umm everone says that they sound better than actual celestion v30's, id build my cab with a cl80 clone ( eminence clone) and a 30 clone
yea, go cheap on the speakers unless the rest of your rig isn't that good. It makes no sense to to play a $2000 guitar through a $1000 amp and $500 worth of effects only to skimp on the very last thing your signal goes through
i was thinking of putting i nthe one for classic lead and then the v30 one i think that it d make a good cab, im making the cab tommorrow ordering the speakers once my employer pays me, i ll make a clip to prove how good they sound