I was just looking for some ideas on some good acoustic bands. (popular or non-popular).
Any ideas?

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I just bought Slightly Stoopid's cd Acoustic Roots(live and direct) and it's awesome. Much of their other stuff isnt acoustic, but there is quite a bit to choose from. Neil Young and Bob Dylan are musts for acoustic music.
The Spill Canvas
Dallas Green
John Mayer is good on acoustic.
Dashboard Confessional
Jack Johnson

..Also, check out the songs from the "punk goes acoustic" album/albums
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Violent Femmes are an acoustic punk group, if that makes any sense. well worth checking out.

And yeah, Neil Young did some excellent acoustic stuff. First half of Rust Never Sleeps, most of Harvest, Harvest Moon, and various others through the rest of his albums.
Ghost Mice
Defiance, Ohio
Johnny Hobo & The Freight Trains
Wingnut Dishwashers Union
older Against Me! recordings (The Acoustic EP and Tom's early demos)