I need the help of all of the computer geniuses. I have a PC. Recently, my IE6 slowed down majorly. I got rid of all of the cookies, temperory internet files, etc. Didn't help. I downloaded IE7 thinking that might help. Now that doesn't work at all. It doesn't find any internet connection. I cleared it with all of the firewalls and went through all of the troubleshooting steps. Then when i downloaded the new version of firefox and the same thing happened. Now the only thing working is Safari. Is there any way to fix this without having to wipe the drive and start over? Please help me!!!!!
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i would delete a bunch of crap if i were you..... which is coming from a guy who has only 17% used space, but my computer's processing is hella fast
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Any number of things could be wrong, assuming you are using MS Windows XP; you should let people know the significant bits about your software when asking for help about a computer, you can try rebuilding your tcp/ip stack . If that fails you may have to reinstall, that does not mean you have to wipe your drive just reinstall to a separate folder and then delete the current windows folder. If you only have one harddrive with one partition I would suggest wiping it out and creating at least one more usable partition not just a restore drive as is common with all the bundled systems. Don't forget to burn what you want to save to CD's or DVD's before you take the latter route.

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