Hey guys, I just recorded this cover of Buble's hit "Home", and thought I'd ask for some opinions on it. I put a lot of emotion into the vocals so let me know what you think...

Song is in my profile, and I will crit 4 crit if you would like.
I think both your vocal and guitar work is good, however the recording quality could definitely be improved. At least that's something that can be quite easily fixed, so well done, I like the sound of your voice.
Hey. As G said the recording quality isn't that great. But your voice is great man. I like this song (my mum loves M.B) and this is done really well. The guitar and voice is great. With a good recording setup this would be great. M.B did a similar song, though I can't remember the name. Has a cool acoustic solo. You should cover that too! Keep up the good work.

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Yea I think the recording just needs touched up a bit. But you're voice is beautiful. It sounded kinda like you were cutting your voice short, though. Like you we singing on short breath. I dunno. Sounded amazing though.
Mooshoe I think the song youre refering to is everything, which is an amazing song. I cover that as well but havent gotten around to recording it. Speaking of recording, to respond to you guys about the quality, its probably because I am really cheap and decided to record it with a headset microphone hahah. I dont have the money right now for a good recording mic, but eventually ill get there. Thanks for the critiquing .
Check out the MXL 990/991 for a really cheap mic. It is what I use and I think I get some nice sounding results.
that was really awesome, the vocals were really good, which is a big change from nearly every other cover song people do, and the guitar was good...props
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Great job. Guitar and vocals sounded great, but like the other guys said, just work on the recording quality and you have a solid demo right there.