I just saw this movie last night. I thought it was freakin' awesome. Thoughts on this movie? And i might watch Fracture tonight. Is that any good?
That's easily the fourth or fifth 1408 thread I've seen. I have yet to see the movie man. I really want to.
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i read it, the book was amazing. by stephen king. i have not seen the movie yet. i heard it was pretty good, but i also heard its not a whole lot like hte book. but hey if its done well, i wont complain.
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it was great in theaters, decent on my TV.

i thought the checkout thing was really funny (no, that is not giving away anything)

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A highly underrated movie. I love it to death. It didn't even need any monsters or anything. It was practically one, giant mindf*ck
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yeah the movie totally rocked. definately played with my mind a little bit...
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I didn't like that movie that much. But Fracture was amazing. Anthony Hopkins pwns.
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