First shot at progressive music, tell me what you think. I put a lot of effort into it, so tell me what you like and don't like. It's not all the way progressive either i don't think.

Minimalist Shot 1
Well, just finished up, the ending is kind of abrupt, but this is really my first TRUE minimalist song. (I took some of the repeats out just for length so you guys would actually listen to it all lol)

Tell me what you think, and always, C4C

GP4 included
Minimalism - Shot 1.zip
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
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Thanks for the crit...

Blank - The intro reminded me of that Linkin Park song (forget the name)...sounds cool
I really like the solo, it's simple but it fits the mood of the song really well. The slow sadness part didn't really sound that "sad" but I like when people put emotions into their songs, so good job

Minimalist - Pretty repetitive, I guess it's supposed to be though...I liked the part at bar 67
It sounds pretty good for the simplicity of it...not something I'd listen to on my spare time (even though I just did lol). I liked the blank song better
Thanks sidewiner for some feed back finally lol


I didn't really mean for the sad part to be sad, I went from minor I to flat V to major I so "sad" was the first thing i got out of it. It's not supposed to really be sad.

But that's for the crits dude.
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
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Minimalism - Well, first off, I liked the licks and whole idea thing of it, but the thing I don't like is how it just keeps repeating except it changes tempo. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's damn cool, I'd just like to hear some variation. I do like the scattered "sweep" like things in bar 60 and on.

Blank - Personally I thought it was better than Minimalism. I don't really like the intro and first verse very much, but the second verse caught my attention. Breakdown was mediocre. Not great, but not terrible. Solo was pretty decent. Slow sadness was catchy. The ending contrasts the song so much though. It's so different. Overall a good song.
Blank - I liked it better than minimalism too, and it does have a Linkin Park feeling, I liked the riff and weird time sigs The solo was really nice, nice feeling in it and fits the song perfectly, although it's simple! Slow sadness part was ok, nothing special and the ending was cool xD

Minimalist - Nice idea, nice licks, nice tempo changes, but way too much repetitive, it would be really boring in a live show, for either the band playing it and the spectators. But the whole idea build-up around it is pretty sweet!

Cheers for the crit and sorry if it took so long to crit yours xD

Pretty cool intro, but in bar 7 don't let the last note ring. It clashes with the next part.

I like the verse, and everything after it... The solo was OK, but I loved the "sadness" part after it.

I didn't really like the ending, though...



At first it was cool, but then it starting getting repetitive. I liked when you changed thing up a bit like at bar 21...

I loved the part at bar 53.

Lol, bar 67 is pretty cool.

This song had some cool ideas, but it was too repetitive.

Blank :
Great melodies and ambiance good solo, but at the end the drums dont suit the type of thing you play (near 2:30-2:50)

Minimalist :
A bit repetitive, and sometimes the melodies you play doesnt go well with the chords, but good ideas anyway

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Cheers. I liked Blank, progressed very well. Thought the ending could be tighter though. What do I mean by tighter....well I dunno really lol. But I thought it bas pretty damn good actually, liked the intro
Alrighty critten as i go


(my midi is out for some reason idk why but i cant hear the piano or anything else midi)

I really like the opening guitar and bass riffs and the drums come in at a good time and keep the rythme well and when the guitar goes into the lead sweeps it sounds really cool and i liked them. I like the verse but the guitar is a little repetitive but maybe the piano helps some. The re-intro and solo is a very nice touch and the solo is quite awesome. But at the time change im not feelin the drums...they just dont sound quite right to me, once again the midi piano might help the feel of it all. The solo at the end seems real disonent to me but i really like that ending alot...reminds me of opeth for some strange reason

Over all it was good but some parts didnt sound right on drums to me but maybe the piano helps with the feel

Minimalism shot 1:
(once again no midi)
I like the guitar on up until measure 11 and so forth until 25 i just really dont like that sound at all when the guitar jumps into powerchords i really like the heavy evil overtones added to it, very nice. I like the speed up section to it much more than the slower.

Over all i dont like this one as much as the last one but its still nice guitar work

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Soory it took so long to crit, I kind of forgot about your request. My bad.

Blank: Critting as I listen. The intro sounds very good, almost haunting soudning. That pause doesnt seem to work though. I would just take it out. I love the lead work in the 3rd verse. 1st verse recap is awesome. The solo is excellent. So far so good, but a real nice driving part would be nice somewhere in here, because, as good as the parts are, it needs something to really push it along. Also, it was kind of short for a prog song. Goog nonetheless.

Minimalism: I've never been a fan of minimalist music, so you'll have to forgive my bias. The main theme gets old a little quick. I would change it so it sounds less scalar, because it really is just running up and down a couple notes, and I don't like tye sound of that. However, I am quite a bit biased here, so a better crit could be given by somebody whose into this stuff, as I have nothing to compare it to. This really isnt my favorite.
hey man, thanks for the crit on my experimental song.

sorry for the delay in returning the favor, things have been a little hectic

ive only really had the chance to listen to blank so far so yer...
i thought it was awesome actually, i liked pretty much all of it, theres some little bits and peices that need some adjustments, but nothing major

id give it a 9/10...8.5 at the lowest
I listened to midi (I don't have GP).

Progressive one isn't bad I like the pause in the intro. The melodies sound nice, it pretty much all works fine. The outro made me think the song was repeating or something, the way it cut out and faded back in kinda weird but alright.

For the minimalist, I overall liked it though maybe even more layers could've been added (unless I have the wrong idea about minimalism), but the repetitiveness I kinda liked along with the cool sweeps here and there, it's a nice sorta thing to listen to when your a mellow mood like I am. The song could've been longer I think and the ending could have been something more.
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