whats a good audio system?
im looking for something that will play cds, dvds (dvd playabilty not nessesary really) and will connect to the tv with mulitple speakers to make my dvds/games sound cooler
price range is like 150-400 maybe
Well i just recently bought some computer speakers with a subwoofer for like 220 dollars and they have amazing quality and volume.You can plug them into ipods, laptops, computers, tvs, and anything that has a headphone outlet
tvs have headphone outlets???
if so then can you link me to a site where i can buy these cause i can just set up my portable cd player on top of the tv and switch between, thatd work right?
I have a Sony Home Theater System--5.1 Surround, a ton of inputs all switchable by remote or front panel. Came with speakers and a really nice sub, all for $300 like 3 years ago. No builtin DVD/CD player, but those r like $20 nowadays.