Song wise, just wondering what everyones project was.

Right now, my currant project is to get the interlude parts down on For Whom the Bell Tolls and I am working on the main one that starts at 1:17

I am also working on some random riffs, but my focus is the blasted part in Bellz

So, hows about every one else? What are you working on?
Writing my own music and trying to find some band members
I play a guitar strung with Yngwie's chest hair
well ive got like 4 songs me and a friend are working on, i think of them are definitly liveworthy and a riff that needs developing
and just learning as much ozzy as possible
I have about two dozen projects I'm working on simultaneously. I have a problem with getting things done...
4 Words

Surfing with the Alien

im up to the crazy legato stuff after the pick tapping part

and non-guitarist realted (well kinda) im trying to do really good in my history class, cause the teacher is SO HARD

my dad told me if i got a b or higher on my final grade at the end of the year he will buy my a js1200
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Working on tabbing Another Hero Lost by Shadows Fall.

Working on a song or two of my own.
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I'm trying to perfect my tapping for the intro to "Lip Gloss and Black" from Atreyu. Yeah, easy, I know, but I have trouble tapping and keeping it clean.

I'm also working on the intro to The Crimson and I was just working on writing my own song. I think it sounds pretty good lol .
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i am doing a cover of i just can't wait to be king from the lion king lol
i made my own arrangement for it and i think the solo is pretty badass
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Evil Eye by the hairy Yngwie Malmsteen. Takes some time, but it goes well. The hardest I've done before it is Downfall by CoB.
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I'm trying to nail that overhand tapping part off Steve Vai's "Building The Church".
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