I have a Creative Zen Vision: M 30GB mp3 for sale.

Here's the deal:

The screen is corrupted...it got underneath one of my books in my backpack and it crushed the screen, so you can only see about half of it. Its not really possible to navigate the menus or anything in the player. Otherwise, everything works perfectly.

Options for you:

1. Creative can fix the screen for around 80-90 dollars.

2. You can use the Zen as a 30 GB portable hard drive. You can place folder and files, pretty much whatever you want on it using windows explorer, or Creatives "Zen Explorer"

Whatever you decide, it'll come with its original packaging, docking cable, and software. The thing is immaculate, except for the whole screen issue.

I'm asking $50 or best offer for it.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.