for a while now i ve been using a crapy fender amp with a boss ds-1 in front of it and when i switched back to my other amp it totally sound worse then i rembered is there any problems there or wat?

srry if i dont make sense
Sounds like you had a cheap SS amp and then upgraded?? After you went back, it sounded bad because your ears are used to the better environment.

Just a guess based on your post (I have teenagers so I am trying to read between the lines )

ok at first i was playing my marshall avt 200 then i went to the fender amp with the ds-1 and then switched back to the marshall i was wondering why the marshall sounded worse then i remeber....
It can sometimes depend on the amp. I have a DS1 pedal and when I run it thru my Ampeg it sounds awesome but when I run it thru my Fender FM65r it sounds like it got kicked in the nads, really weak. A buddy of mine had the same problem.I am not familiar wtih the Amps that you have but if one is a tube amp and the other is solid state that might be why.
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