It's an '05 Fender American Stratocaster upgraded with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge, and two Fender Hot Noiseless pickups in the middle and neck positions, the tuning pegs were upgraded to Sperzel Locking Tuners.

Guitar was $950
pickups were about $170
tuners $70

How much do you think they will give me?
Guitar Center isn't going to give you shit. Your much better off finding a good local store and puting the guitar on consignment.
680 if they are in a good mood

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why don't you just think about selling it on ebay bro...you will get wayyy much more money that way.

Craigslist would be a good idea if you don't want to deal with ebay and what not
most likely they will try and get you to trade it for the BRAND NEW LINE 6 212 COMBO LOADED WITH HOT ROCK PRESETS!!!!
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Sell it on ebay or something, selling it to guitar center is almost like giving it away.

sell it on craigslist
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ive been trying to sell an autographed As I Lay Dying guitar for a month on craigslist, so far ive collected $8000 in fake checks.
Most guitar shops will low ball you because they want to make a huge profit. I have bought guitars cheap from guys who walked out pissed off at thier low offers and was just willing to sell the guitar to someone who wasn't going to profit on it big. Ebay, Craigs List or privet sale is the only way you will get close to what you want or what it's worth.

I was at Daddy's Junky Music one day when this guy brought in a Squier Strat with a small amp, strap, 2 extra sets of strings, Korg chromatic tuner and gig bag with a ton of picks and a few lines/cords in the pocket. They offered him $35.00!!! They told him the amp, tuner and other stuff wasn't worth squat. I followed the guy outside and asked him if he would take $50.00 he jumped on it. I gave the guitar to a girl friend of mine that was looking at beginner packs because she wanted to take lessons. She loved it! It actually wasn't a bad guitar and all the extras it was worth much more than the store was willing to pay. I figure they would have gotten $79.00 for the guitar $30.00 for the Amp $10.00 for the tuner used. For all the other stuff I'm sure they would have used as swag to give with a purchase of the guitar or kept for use in the store.

They'll probably give you about a tenth of what it's worth for it.
Do yourself a favour and sell it on ebay.
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ive been trying to sell an autographed As I Lay Dying guitar for a month on craigslist, so far ive collected $8000 in fake checks.

Actually the way that guitar center works is they have whats called their "blue book" and depending on what year it is, what condition its in, fret wear, all that sort of stuff not to mention they cut about 40% off what the guitar was originally worth. They wont give you any extra for upgraded pickup. I took in my Ibanez RGT42 i bought it there and paid 700 for it, i upgraded to a DiMarzio X2N and a DiMarzio Dactivator neck pickup, as well as had the frets dressed. I bought it in 2004 and tried to sell it back in 2005 and they offered me 400 for it....NEVER sell stuff to guitar center.
sell it on craigslist.

you could probably get like $800.
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Basically most big retail stores are going to **** you over. Ebay, craigslist, or the gear classifieds in this forum are probably a much better bet.
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most places wont give you ****... your best bet is to sell it through classifieds or like private party... the shops are just going to loball the **** out of you because they needto make profit too
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Wonder why he's selling it. He had to have gotten it at the most 3 years ago and from the looks of it, he put some work on it. I wouldn't sell a guitar I put work into.