Alright. I've been doinking around with my Ibanez RG7321's electronics for a while now, but I'm ready to settle down and set it up how I really want it. Only problem...I'm tosh at wiring. So here's what I have, and what I want.
-5 way selector switch
-1 humbucker with 4 conductor wiring (at bridge)
-1 single coil with 2 conductor wiring (at neck)
-1 3-way switch (it has 6 contacts on the bottom, arranged 2 by 3)
-1 volume knob
-1 tone knob
I'm trying to get:
-The 5 way switch to have
1. Neck single
2. Neck single & one coil of the humbucker
3. Neck single and full humbucker
4. One coil of the humbucker
5. Full humbucker
-The 3 way switch to have:
1. Off (silent, like a killswitch)
2. Standard (everything as it is)
3. Phase (can I wire this to throw things out of phase when I switch on the 3 way switch from 2 to 3?)
-Volume and tone as is (unless there's something fun I can do with a tone pot, as I don't use it for tone very much...)

So there you go. Odd little wanker, arn't I? Any ideas on getting this wired up would be great. Diagrams if someone's feeling massivly charitable, or links to similar things would be good. Thanks in advance!
You'll need to buy a 5-way super switch for those selections. You could also swap the 5-way blade for a 3-way blade, and have a push/pull pot to split the humbucker.

For the 3-way, do you know if it's on/on/on or on/off/on? I'm pretty sure you can't wire an on/on/on DPDT to do off/in-phase/out-of-phase. You could swap the switch you have (if it's on/on/on) for an on/off/on. The positions would be in-phase/off/out-of-phase, however.

For volume and tone, you could wire the guitar to be neck volume/bridge volume instead of master volume/master tone.

EDIT: What I would do in your situation is go with a 3-way blade, volume/volume, killswitch, push/pull on the neck volume for phase switching, and a push/pull on the bridge volume for the coil split.
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